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Terms of Service

Terms of service

C O N D I T I O N S   O F   S A L E



In these conditions:



“the Supplier” means Affordable Office Machines Pty Ltd.

“the Customer” means the Person, Firm or Company buying goods from the Supplier.

“the goods” means the goods being purchased by the Customer from the Supplier.



A Credit Application must be completed before the Supplier will consider the granting of credit facilities.  On approval of a credit account, credit may continue to be granted only if the account is maintained in accordance with the stated terms of trade.



All claims for credit for damaged, defective or short delivered goods or for goods to be returned must be notified to the Supplier immediately.  The Supplier will not accept claims that are not notified within 72 hours of delivery.

Unless otherwise agreed, no request for credit will be approved until a representative of the Supplier has inspected those goods on which the credit is claimed.  Until this inspection the customer is responsible for maintaining proper care of the goods in question.  The Supplier will not accept claims for damaged or defective goods or for goods returned where the Customer has not maintained proper care of the delivered goods.



In all cases, and to the extent permitted by law, the liability of the Supplier for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any defect or non-compliance of the goods supplied, is limited at the option of the Supplier to replacement of such defective or non-complying goods or allowing the Customer a credit not exceeding the invoice value of such defective or non-complying goods.  The Supplier shall not under any circumstances be liable for loss of profits or any consequential, indirect or special damage:-

  1. Title of the goods passes from the Supplier to The Customer when the Customer pays the full purchase price to the Supplier in accordance with agreed trading terms.
  2. If the Customer fails to pay the full purchase price when due in accordance with clause (a), the Supplier may (without giving notice) enter the premises of the Customer and retake possession of the goods supplied to the Customer by the Supplier or any End Product and the Customer hereby authorises and allows the Supplier or its representatives, servant, agent or employee to enter the premises upon which the goods are situated for the purpose of retaking possession of the goods.
  3. The Customer indemnifies the Supplier against any claim, action, damage, loss, liability, cost, charge, expense, outgoing, or payment which the Supplier suffers, incurs, or is liable for, in respect of the Supplier’s exercising of its rights under clause (b).
  4. Risk of any loss, damage or deterioration of or to the goods shall be borne by the customer from the date of delivery.



In the event that the Customer is a Company then the Directors of the applicant Company agree to personally indemnify Affordable Office Machines Pty Ltd, the credit provider against any loss.  The clause forms an express term of the agreement and cannot be altered, changed or deleted.



  1. Prices quoted exclude delivery unless otherwise specified.

The Supplier reserves the right to vary price increases without prior notice.